Scientific Data Curation and Analytics

Are you a Drug Discovery Scientist looking for custom compound library curation service? Or a Chemist requires software tools to manage your laboratory data?

Liatris Bio has the best scientific and software solutions for your needs to help accelerating your research and improve quality. We are here to support your research.

Customized Biological, Chemical and Real World Evidence (RWE) Databanks

We make customized biological, chemical and RWE databanks for your needs by manually curating data from journals, patents, literature and various other sources provide output of arranged scientific data in an easy retrievable form.

Bio-IT Software and Data Management Services for Pharma, Biotech & Chemicals

Customized user friendlysoftware applications for easy data storage, filtering, retrieval and analysis. With our efforts, we guarantee to save your 30% of time spent for data mining and management and that valuable time can be utilized for your research.

Choose your interested service from our three divisions.

Biomarker Databases

Gene-Disease association databases. Available clinical biomarkers.

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Chemical Informatics

Custom Chemical Databases and Predictive QSAR Models.

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Bioinformatics NGS Data

Next Generation Sequencing - NGS Data Analysis.

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Personalized Medicine

Our current research focus is on personalized medicines for health.

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BioLearn - A subsidiary of Liatris Bio functions as as a bridge between academy and industry. At BioLearn, we provide industry oriented training programs and projects.

We also build collaborations with Universities and Colleges for R&D projects.